Miss France candidates sue pageant for choosing winner based on appearance

Three women, who remain anonymous, have joined forces with the leading French feminist group ‘Osez le feminisme’ (Dare to be feminist) to file a complaint against Miss France accusing them of discrimination for allegedly selecting contestant winners based on their appearance.

Osez le feminism has long protested against Miss France, calling it a ‘vehicle for sexist values’.

The lawsuit alleges the pageant is in violation of French labor law by having discriminatory selection criteria, obliging aspiring winners to be more than 5ft 5in (1.65m) tall, single and ‘representative of beauty’.

French labor law forbids companies from discriminating on the basis of ‘morals, age, family status or physical appearance.

The case, filed at a Paris court, will hinge on whether magistrates recognise Miss France contestants as de facto employees of the pageant organisers and TV company.

Contestants do not sign an employment contract, but the plaintiffs point to a supportive judgement in 2013 when a former contestant on Mister France also sued for similar reasons.

The next Miss France will take place in Caen, northern France, on December 11

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