Thousands of NYPD, FDNY and other New York city workers protest against NYC’s Vaccine Mandates

New York's Vaccine Mandate: What to Know - The New York Times

Thousands of New York city workers including FDNY and NYPD officers are protesting against New York City Mayor’s vaccine mandate. Workers were recorded chanting ‘Let’s Go Brandon‘, the viral phrase used against Biden.

Thousands of city workers could be put on unpaid leaves if they don’t get the shot by Friday. That is Mayor Bill de Blasio’s threat, with vaccination rates at several large city agencies, including the NYPD and the FDNYP, lagging behind the general population.

“It’s time now. If you don’t want to get vaccinated, you’ll be put on unpaid leave. Well, the vast majority of human beings go to work to get paid. And also, I think for a lot of our first responders, there’s a calling. They believe in the work, they care about the work. Those two factors I think are going to cause the vast majority to get vaccinated,” Mayor de Blasio said.

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