New Zealand: Vaccine Apartheid Has Officially Begun

Customers eat outside in cafes in central Auckland, New Zealand, Friday, Dec. 3, 2021. Bars, restaurants and gyms reopened in Auckland on Friday as the last major parts of a lockdown that lasted more than 100 days ended. New Zealand has begun a new phase in its virus response in which there won't be lockdowns but people will be required to show vaccine passes for many services. (Alex Burton/NZ Herald via AP)

On 3 December, NZ officially became an apartheid nation. Those who have chosen not to be double jabbed have been shut out of society.

New Zealand has begun a new phase in its coronavirus response in which there won’t be lock downs, but people who aren’t fully vaccinated and able to prove it with vaccine passes will be denied access to many services.

Apart from being able to access food, health care, petrol and pharmacies, hard-working Kiwis are being denied entry to all other public areas of society.

On the eve of this new Traffic Light System, Counterspin Media was at Texas Tea Bar & Grill, Picton, NZ, enjoying a last supper with a group of freedom-loving friends.

We spoke with Lisa Wakeford about how she was feeling, having already lost her job and now having lost her ability to go out socially to any establishment or even to get her hair cut.

Sheryl, a Texas Tea employee, was heartbroken about the fact she was losing her job due to the new rules and was still unable to go and visit her daughter in Melbourne, Australia, who needed her support as she is in an abusive relationship.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is fast losing popularity as these draconian laws are dividing NZ society and are hitting people hard.

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