‘Please Let Me Out,’ Begs Child Locked in Classroom for ‘Not Wearing Mask’

Footage filmed by a middle school student in Elgin, Illinois, captured the moment he was forcibly sequestered in a classroom reportedly for not wearing a face mask.

“It is the law by Governor Pritzker to let me out of this room,” the child tells a U-46 school official who’s standing outside blocking the door from opening.

You can’t lock me in a room. You can’t lock me in here,” the embattled student says.

As the student struggles to force the door open, he begs, “Please let me out.”

The video comes as confusion over whether mask rules are still in effect abound, with Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D) on Wednesday saying he planned to lift restrictions statewide – however, not for school districts.

“Schools need a little more time for community infection rates to drop, for our youngest learners to become vaccine eligible and for more parents to get their kids vaccinated,” the governor said Wednesday.

The governor’s declaration, however, followed a ruling by a judge last Friday granting a temporary restraining order to block the state’s public health and education departments from imposing the mask and vaccine mandates.

On Thursday, school Superintendent Tony Sanders highlighted statements by him saying the district “is still requiring masks,” saying he had not been instructed by the state otherwise.

“There are no clear metrics from the state regarding when schools can reduce their mitigation strategies,” Sanders wrote.

On Twitter, the Libs of TikTok account shared another video from the same school of a different student being locked in a classroom reportedly also for a mask violation.

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