Canadian Mounted Police Trample Protesters as Justin Trudeau’s Brutal Crackdown of Truckers Protest Continues

Over 100 demonstrators were arrested on Friday after the Ottawa police service began to dismantle the Freedom Convoy protests. Some protesters were trampled by mounted police, including a handicapped elderly woman, as riot cops advanced with support from armored vehicles and SWAT units. Protesters remain camped outside Canadian federal buildings as of Friday night, though Ottawa police have managed to significantly tighten the perimeter.

Images and video coming from the Canadian national capital of Ottawa today sent shockwaves around the globe. Hundreds were arrested and went peacefully, but police were at times brutal. One group of Canadian police officers on horseback were caught on video trampling protesters.

The violence the Prime Minister has expressed concern about during the three-week protest in Ottawa didn’t unfold until Justin Trudeau’s Emergencies Act police army was sent in to disperse the crowd.

The three major incidents Friday, under a form of martial law, were grotesque.

Video of Toronto Police Mounted Unit officers charging into the crowd and at least one horse trampling multiple people — including an elderly woman with a walker — was disturbing.

Snipers were posted atop Ottawa buildings as hundreds of police officers in riot gear began to surround Freedom Convoy protesters on Friday morning. The police then began to close the perimeter around the protesters, making arrests as they advanced. At one point, an incapacitated man was kneed in the stomach by an Ottawa police officer before being thrown on the ground and arrested. Ottawa police also smashed truck windows and raided mobile homes with tactical units.

An elderly woman on a mobile scooter was trampled by mounted police who plowed through a crowd of demonstrators. “We are peaceful protest,” the woman can be heard saying in a mobile phone video. Seconds later, a group of mounted police plowed through the crowd, trampling both the handicapped woman and another protester, whose head appeared to have been stomped on by a horse. Riot police then rushed forward and surrounded the trampled protesters.

The brutal crackdown comes just a day after Freedom Convoy protest organizers Tamara Lich and Chris Barber were arrested in downtown Ottawa. Other protest leaders were later arrested on Friday while Lich and Barber have been charged with “conspiracy to commit mischief”, which is a serious offence in Canada that could lead to multiple years in prison. Barber’s bond was set at $100,000 while Lich has a bail hearing scheduled for Saturday morning.

The protesters have remained entirely peaceful despite a litany of baseless claims from the Trudeau regime. Trudeau has repeatedly accused protesters of having ties to “far-right groups” and “white supremacy” despite the protest’s aims being entirely tied to COVID restrictions and vaccine mandates. Among Freedom Convoy demands are an end to vaccine mandates, relief for businesses affected by COVID lockdowns and the rehiring of workers who were fired as a result of vaccine mandates.

Trudeau has refused to meet with the protesters, however, and instead invoked Canada’s Emergencies Act for the first time in the nation’s history. The act gives the Trudeau regime sweeping powers, including the ability to freeze bank accounts belonging to dissidents. Trudeau has promised that his new powers will be “time-limited.”

Ottawa police released a statement on Twitter assuring the public that authorities are unaware of any injuries.

“We hear your concern for people on the ground after the horses dispersed a crowd. Anyone who fell got up and walked away. We’re unaware of any injuries. A bicycle was thrown at the horse further down the line and caused the horse to trip. The horse was uninjured,” police said.

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