North Korea releases terrifying images of deadly missiles being launched from train

North Korea releases images of new and deadly 'railway-borne missiles' being launched

The images come after North Korea launched two deadly ballistic missiles towards Japan on Wednesday. Intelligences agencies are investigating the testing but no one was harmed.

In the early hours of the morning news broke that North Korea had launched missiles from its east coast towards Japan. Japan’s Coast Guard confirmed that two objects landed just outside their Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga dubbed the testing “an outrageous violation of UN resolutions”.

No ships or aircraft were damaged, but intelligence agencies from Japan, South Korea, and the US immediately launched investigations.

Now images of the launch have been released by Rodong Sinmun, the official newspaper and propaganda mouthpiece of North Korea’s ruling party.

The terrifying images, which show the deadly missiles taking off in a cloud of fire and smoke from the back of a train, were accompanied by a statement.

It revealed that Park Jeong-cheon, secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea and a leading member of the Politburo, oversaw the testing of the “railway-borne missile regiment”.

Military officials and leading “defence science” researchers were also present.

North Korea releases images of new and deadly 'railway-borne missiles' being launched

The statement read: “The 8th Congress of the Party… organized a railway-borne missile regiment to increase the capability of dealing an intensive multi-concurrent blow at the forces posing threats to us at a time of conducting necessary military operations.

“The regiment finished rapid movement and deployment according to the norm of the operation and action procedures of the railway-borne missile system, and accurately struck the target in the East Sea of Korea according to the firepower mission.

“[Park Jeong-cheon said] the railway-borne missile system serves as an efficient counter-strike means capable of dealing a harsh multi-concurrent blow to the threat-posing forces through separate performances of firepower duty in different parts of the country.”

North Korea releases images of new and deadly 'railway-borne missiles' being launched

The statement confirmed that the tests were successful, and even alluded to expanding the “railway-borne missile regiment” off the back of these results.

It concluded that ballistic missile testing “holds very great significance in increasing the war deterrence of the country.”

This news comes amid a stalemate in talks between North Korea and the US, with negotiations regarding denuclearisation on ice since 2019.

The country’s leader Kim Jong-un had been seeking a reprieve from US sanctions in exchange for scaling down his weapons program.

It is thought that these recent launches, along with the testing of less deadly cruise missiles over the weekend, could be an attempt to pressurise Joe Biden into making concessions.

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