Brazilian Politician Goes to Ukraine, Praises “Cheap” Women

Audio has emerged of a Brazilian politician on a humanitarian mission to Ukraine discussing how “cheap” the local women are due to their vulnerable status.

Arthur Moledo do Val, also known as Mamãe Falei, is a Brazilian State Deputy with the center-right Democrat Party. Earlier this month, do Val travelled to Ukraine on a humanitarian mission to assess the current situation.

In newly-leaked audio messages sent by do Val, the politician is heard excitedly discussing the situation of Ukrainian women, rating the attractiveness of the females in the refugee line, and stating “they’re cheap because they’re poor.”

In the audio, do Val says he’s “at a loss for words,” continuing: “Picture a line of 200 meters or more, like that, filled only [with] goddesses. If you wait in line at the best nightclub in Brazil, the absolute best, you don’t get even close to the level of beauty found in the refugee line here.”

do Val noted that he had been using his Instagram to impress Ukrainian women as he currently has over 700,000 followers on the platform.

“Bro, I’m sick. I’m sick. I’m over now, there are four customs barriers. There are two little houses in each country. Brother, I swear to you, I counted: there were 12 goddesses of police officers. Goddesses,” he is heard saying in the messages. “Four of them were chicks who you’d be like… Man, I can’t even tell you. If she took a shit, you’d wipe her ass with your tongue. Unbelievable. Unbelievable, man. As soon as this war is over, I’m coming back here.”

Searches for terms such as “Ukrainian girls,” “Ukrainian porn,” and “war porn” have spiked in the past week since Russia launched a full-scale military operation in Ukraine on February 24, according to Google trends.

On Reddit, there was an uptick in growth and activity on the board r/UkrainianNSFW, where some users were requesting pornographic details on sexual assaults that may be taking place in the nation amidst the conflict.

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