Uvalde Mom Stormed into School And Rescued her Kids after Being Handcuffed for Urging Cops to Intervene

An Uvalde mother was handcuffed for urging local law enforcement officials to enter Robb Elementary School during Tuesday’s mass shooting,

Angeli Rose Gomez, who has a second- and third-grader at the school, says that she was one of several parents begging police to breach the building. After a few minutes of increasingly urgent and desperate begging, Gomez alleges that federal marshals handcuffed her because she was intervening in an active investigation.

Gomez said she tried to convince Uvalde police officers that she knew to convince the marshals to take the cuffs off, all while the scene around her grew increasingly hectic. She claims she even saw one desperate father get pepper-sprayed.

When her cuffs were finally removed, Gomez claims that she jumped the school fence and dashed inside to get her children.

In the above he footage, desperate parents, some of whom can be heard screaming in pain and agony while begging local law enforcement officials, to enter Robb Elementary School, where teachers and their kids were being slaughtered by 18-year-old domestic terrorist Salvador Ramos.

Local Uvalde police officers spent nearly an hour outside of the school restraining the parents to keep them from going inside until off duty Border Patrol agents eventually breached the classroom door and shot the gunman dead.

Javier Cazares, whose fourth-grade daughter was killed in the shooting, arrived at the school while police were still outside the building. He was “upset that police were not moving in.” He told Global Reportage that he suggested storming the school with other parents.

“Let’s just rush in because the cops aren’t doing anything like they are supposed to,” he recounted saying.

“More could have been done. They were unprepared,” Mr. Cazarez added.

“There was at least 40 lawmen armed to the teeth but didn’t do a darn thing until it was far too late. The situation could’ve been over quick if they had better tactical training, and we as a community witnessed it firsthand,” the distraught father allegedly asserted.

“One lingering question is when exactly the shooting began. Authorities agree that the gunman was dead by 1 p.m. but have offered conflicting accounts as to whether the attack began around 11:30 a.m. or closer to noon. By 11:43 a.m., the school announced on Facebook that it was under lockdown, citing gunshots in the area. ‘The students and staff are safe in the building,’ it said,”.

“In public transmissions on a radio channel used by local EMS workers, someone said at 11:53 a.m. that a lieutenant had requested a response to the area of the school. As the response was discussed, one official was heard telling first responders: ‘Please, just stay back,’” the report continued.

According to the Washington Post, “By 12:10 p.m., a Facebook live stream recorded outside the front of the school showed police cars had established a perimeter, helicopters were flying overhead and onlookers had gathered. Seven minutes later, school authorities announced on social media there was ‘an active shooter at Robb Elementary.’”

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